The world bathes in blood

Edith Södergran: The September Lyre

The world bathes in blood in order for God to survive.

For His magnificence to endure, all other must perish.

What do we humans know about how the eternal thrives

and what the gods drink to sustain their power?

God will create a new world. He will re-shape the world into a clearer sign.

He therefore girdles himself with a belt of lightning,

he therefore carries a crown of flaming thorns,

he therefore envelops the earth in blindness and night.

His glance is therefore grim. His creator-hands squeeze the Earth hard.

What he creates nobody knows. But it moves like a shiver through half-awakened senses.

It is like soaring towards deep ravines.

Before jubilous choirs break out in praising hymns

it is silent like the forest before the sun rises.