Oh, my sunburn-coloured pinnacles

Edith Södergran: The September Lyre

Oh, my sunburn-coloured pinnacles,

will you reclaim me? !!!

Eternally I shall live in your lonely yard.

There alone is my home,

where angels with fire-eyes

fall to their knees

and kiss all the dew of longing from the ground.


Oh, my undarkened pinnacles!

Not a day do I live distant from you,

unblessed would I otherwise perish.

The earth died for me the third day,

its forests whisper to me from a dream.

What do bridges, fields and cities mean to me?

Spots on your clear sky,

a shadow in your bright eye, day,

the howling of wolves from a precipice.


Oh, my sunburn-coloured pinnacles –

could I exchange a world for my power?

Do I heal myself,

is this drop enough for all that breathes.

Therefore, longing, push forward your chest!

Will, rise to the skies!

Arise, strong warriors,

light and merry like armed devils!

- - - - - - - -

White earth and high sky

we lay at your feet,

sunburn-coloured pinnacles.