Triumph to exist

Edith Södergran: The September Lyre

What do I fear? I am part of infinity.

I am part of the great force of the All,

a lonely world in millions of worlds,

a first degree star that is extinguished last.

Triumph to live, triumph to breathe, triumph to exist!

Triumph to feel time run icy cold through your veins

and hear the quiet river of the night

and stand on the mountain under the sun.

I stand on sun, I stand on sun,

I know of nothing else than sun.


Time – changeress, time – ruineress, time – enchantress,

do you come with a new fraud, thousands of tricks, to offer me a life

like a small seed, like a torpid snake, like a rock in the middle of the sea?

Time – murderess – be gone from me!

The sun fills my breast to the brim with delightful honey

and she says: all stars go out eventually, but they still shine fearlessly.