Death —

Edvard Søderberg: Poems of the Street

In the cold room
where the candle splutters in its stick,
she lies, the dead, thereon the bed
‘tween rags, covered with a sheet.

On the wall her shadow is shifting
fantastically in the gloomy stillness. –
Good, she found peace, good there’s death’s salvation
after life’s wild violence!

Good, she found peace, that this heart
which fought on and on till the end,
this poor heart, which loved and despaired,
that it one day found its end!

Good, that after life’s shame and disgrace,
its black defeats and its red lies,
after all which we come to dream and sin,
there’s a death to close our eyes! –

In the gloomy room, where the shadow shifts,
bend over the table where the candle burns,
a man with silent lips sits still,
his head on his hands he leans.

And he stares silently into the dark,
silent, tearless in the night’s stillness… –
Good, she found peace, good, there’s death’s
salvation after life’s wild violence!