Down there in the alley —

Edvard Søderberg: Poems of the Street

Down there in the alley life is noisy
and people yell and deal with their affairs –
Here in my wigwam all is peace and quiet,
and everything is how I want it here.

See over rooftops the clear sky –
how blue it arches, calm and clear!
And in the distance behind green woods
it winds around the fields, sincere!

Here fades the sun, the night’s stars shine,
red-golden behind my window the moon arise;
all voices are heard here so distantly
from the jolly masquerade of the masses outside.

And should it be, what easily comes,
that life brings troubles once more –
well, there is advise for all things in this world
and a pawnshop on the ground floor.

And should, one evening when it’s late,
the loneliness feel heavy –
in master Daniel’s basement barroom
the jolly men drink and party.

What more want I? Here in my wigwam
is my quiet, safe harbour-place –
so close to this world’s small affairs
and yet to the stars so highly raised.