my brother is wayward

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Towards Jerusalem

wondrous young man,

my brother,

I, your brother must

now, when we are

alone in this dark

night speak

to your wondrous

ear, my away-turned

bro –:

what seeks your clo-

sed tongue among

the little birds –?

they love you,

the great tits, the

green dices with

two eyes – and

the birds of paradise

with swaying

cuddly-tails and

hoarse whistles, characteristic

of the lure-words –

and the wrens, |

who only disappear in

something green and

hope to disappear with

you, mute fish of

brother –

- - -


there’s the same love-

gold in the ba-

by’s fingers and

knees like in the

bitch’ hymn book and

the 30-year-old cleopatra’s lap –

but, if this

gold is on the tip of the

tongue like stones (ruby or

diamond), it is


very dangerous for

a locked and closed

heart like yours

stubborn brother –!

with your dim

eyes you can very

easily see (now when I

say it), that everything,

the little birds are,

they are because

God has saved their

“I am prepared”-eggs in

his storage –

just look at

the little birds – they are |

sweet and good to

look at –

- - -

but find

a Woman, whom

God has undressed of

all, except His

Happiness – go

to one of God’s Daughters,

who is clad merely in

His thorn-crown-freedom to

realize His Happiness towards

anyone, who seek

It –


brother, and you

shall find, that the only

necessary thing is

simple and not worth a word,

like a great pain and

a step upwards –

I could hit you,


such is

THE QUEEN of all

God’s Daughters:

SHE is small,

like a forest mouse and

SHE is pure,

like a white horse

from the atlas-mountains –

Her loneliness is |

that of the sun at night, and

Her love

is like a

lioness, a

holy lizard and

an owl,

and Her

appearance is that of

a beautiful woman –


he has


he has gone !

aah Hallelujah