the teacher's song in the open

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Towards Jerusalem

aah aah, can

you see Jerusalem aah, can you


aah try to

SEE Jerusalem far

far away –

it is Jerusalem

the distant thing of pure gold – |

aah I will

show my class

of five children

the only je-

rusalem –

but aah they will

not  believe, before

they have seen, aah the

heavenly singing

jerusalem far

far away –


aah my little

class of five

children –!

there is the tower, the tow-

er, the tower, wherefrom

jerusalem can be seen –

but you must, you

and you –, you must

give your little coin,

which you have in your hands –

your little coin,

which you were given to buy mother

and sister and a house –

you must give your brown coin –!

so that you can go

up into the tower, aah the tow-

er, the tower, |

with the long

staircase and highest up

you can see JERUSALEM

down in the valley

far far

away in the distance

of pure gold –


in jerusalem, sing-

ing jerusalem

all children dance and

never sleep –

and tears are just love

there there

there – but

your little brown

coin you must give

each one of you in my

little class –

never be afraid

to lose little mother

and your little sister –

for aah

see! !

in jerusalem – there

alone is love –