my sister is worried

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Towards Jerusalem

little golden haired sister,

you shall

not worry

for your husband

in denmark

and not for your

father in denmark –

little droplet-eye,

little sister,

you shall join

your hands together

to a cup and

wait - |

and God shall look down

into your fine new cup

and maybe let

a droplet fall

on your hand –

and if your father

in denmark

looks at you

you shall not be

afraid –

and if your husband

in denmark

beats you

you shall not tremble

little sister –

and if you cannot

keep your

tears from

wandering over your cheeks

you shall not be sad, but

hold out your fine

new cup

and smile –

little droplet-eye

little golden haired sister –


never forget, what

you dreamt – now

you shall laugh at

the stupid denmark, which

wants to make my little

sister old |

and blind

and stupid –


look at my little one,

we have time

to wait out denmark –


what we know – now

you do laugh

droplet-eye –