Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Towards Jerusalem

under the Temple of BAAL

I slide –,

I the 600th of

the blue worms –

I eat my way

ahead through the copper mountain,

whereon the Temple of BAAL

is placed –

we brothers and sisters,

we the 600 blue worms,

we hate


and detest his

Temple –

but we eat his


with our 600 blue

mouths –,

wherefrom BAAL’s

victim smoke and

scream –

we eat

copper - |

our tunnels are

the central plant of fear

under the Temple of BAAL –

the mountain is

three thousand copper years

large –

we breed, spawn and

are born

with wide-open

lips to eat


without love

just so that we

can become more

blue copper haters

BAAL-detesters –

nobody has seen us –

we know nothing –

it is our

belief, that we are blue –

we 600 worms

are similar

are similar


the same,

the faceless son of the god of longing,

if I have only one

one white hair on

my brow’s

blue –

but soon, while

we 600 and I

slide ahead |

through the detestable temple-calm

of the mountain



is ours my

only white

hair on my brow worn


and I am the


o cheer

o happiness

o paradisiacal


the 600th of the

BAAL-hating blue

spawning spawning

o glory

eating eating

o glory

mass –