yuletide sun

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Towards Jerusalem

green golden smoke sails from the peace of havanna

and blows at midday

rosy shades of sun through the conifers

down to earth’s stupidity –


in the corners of the sun’s mouth is to be read

the truth about the earth:

the earth is fine –

distant in the ancient-old virgin-forests of possibilities

sneaks deep trails –

barrenness-anxiety runs puff-tailed among the trunks

licking over the thousand younglings’

ever-sleeping brows white fire –

the whispers of sleep-deafened ears seep between the trunks,

through the web of the trails perpetually –

- over the earth’s sky wells heavy as the equator

the lice of stupidity –

unused pass the trade winds

blue-winged perpetually

puts smooth speed to the albatross of good intentions –


hear the note of the sun, you 2 million speculators –