from today on

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Towards Jerusalem

from today on the whole world is more different, than ever before – today has it, and thereby also I, entered a whole new phase – the earth, humanity and I myself run from today on unfathomable risks, and perhaps everything moves towards heavenly circumstances from today on – the last is the intention – and it shall be the realization of my life when I can whisper to my blessedness-trembling soul: “now –, now my friend, the world has become the holy jerusalem, which you have so long dreamt of, so sincerely longed for, so loyally have suffered for –, now –“ today I have dedicated my life to the salvation of the world – today I have written off everything else for the sake of this one thing – and from today on I consider myself to be the apostolic temp of life among humans –, settled for the time being in copenhagen –

from today on I have no face –, no name – today I have at once annihilated myself as being an until further notice superfluous hindrance – I am now merely one, whose life belongs to humanity – perhaps I have yet a number – I don’t know, and it is not important – perhaps I am number one, perhaps number five, and perhaps number thousand of those, whose | life has no sense, apart from this purpose – I have no position, no beforehand settled employment – I survive on the anxiety, pity or understanding of good people – that is, in that sense I don’t live – for I consider it impossible to live, in the heavenly and only meaning of this word, as long as the world is, as it is now – from today on I have ceased to lead the sham- and substitute-life, which so many people yet attempt to struggle ahead by – I have voluntarily given up the love, earth has to offer – I do not think, the earth is ready for the real love yet – I have voluntarily given up on coming greatness and honour – I know, that true greatness and true honour cannot come into being in the world yet – and I will not do with any less –

my soul hangs in the thin, but devilishly tough thread of faith – and there it shall hang, till the thread is covered like a pearl necklace with all the world’s souls – and humans can begin to live, which is their purpose –

I know nothing about, how this shall come to happen, and I believe fully, that it will happen at least one time unit earlier, than otherwise, as a consequence of my irrevocable choice today –

it is impossible for me to believe, that it should be the purpose of humanity to exist, as it has previously done, and still do – and it is impossible for me to see any point in a human’s life, which is without such faith, yet continues to “live” like before –

remember, that every “human” from birth till further, than it lives, is co-responsible for (yes, accomplice to) | each and every suicide, murder and human breakdowns of other kinds, within this era –!

- - - -

do you dare to think of, which amounts of suffering and unhappiness, that’s daily being poured down over us all, simply by apathetic people’s bestial Calmness of mind and the narrow-minded ones’ power-hungry Stupidity –?! TRY!!