Gustaf Munch-Petersen: The Lowest Country

he was found under the lemon trees –

he was forced into marriage at nineteen –

he lost his manhood at marne –

and he births eleven beggars –


the sincerity

in the run of fleeing elephants –:

your walk –

silent, free of hunger

your eyes sleep under the pharaoh brow –

and with lover-hands you serve coffee –


in café nuovo

men and women sit –

and the men


the money on the tables –,

and the women sit silently –

and nino bows – |


and an evening america’s millionaire whore turned

towards her new millionaire

and screamed like a bitch –:

“go –!”

and helpless she bit

lobster-red nails

like a boy –


and nino’s eyes

slept a three thousand-year pharaoh-sleep  -,

and the waiter nino bowed –