Gustaf Munch-Petersen: The Lowest Country

god-child, whom I love –!

how many must I beat –?


shall I always come

to your smile, which says:

poor killing god-man –?


you know they can’t suffer

only bleed –

only try –

only die –


how long god-child –?

shall my sun-heart always roam

always come

always be too far away

to be heard

by you, o god-child, whom I love –?




song-tears –

sobbing sobbing

certainty of all nights

and all waves –

always live

among dead human pains without melody

without suffering

without holiness –?

god-child, whom I love

how many must I beat –?


you have my tone

in glass-soft seaweed-thoughts around your neck –

smile no more!

my sun-heart will enter

your mouth now

and gift you the last yell

beloved god-child –!

my baskets are full

we’ll live eternally afterwards

we have already forgotten


murder of humans

god-children –