Gustaf Munch-Petersen: The Lowest Country

weak and good you are –

I will slit your throat

in a short and light cut –,

and forget you –

but it doesn’t help my beloved –

you gave her everything,

what you had –

I gave her more –

I gave her something great,

which I had –

not everything –

not do I guide the hand of god –

but I,

not you, have sinking, drowning

swallowed water from the river, whose banks

are god’s lips bent down over the earth –

with you my beloved could sleep

without fear –

you are weak and good –

with a short and light cut I will slit your throat –,

I don’t want to know you

I don’t speak your language

you cannot see, what you have done –

but it is necessary, that you die,

so that I can forget you –

I don’t know if I loved her,

but it was my woman

in the world –

die –