Gustaf Munch-Petersen: The Lowest Country

I came to the city,

where all people live –

and I saw with great pain,

that everybody was hexagonal,

dodecagonal or octagonal –

those, whom I didn’t know,

laughed and said, I was an egg –

and those, who loved me,

turned grey and lamented,

for one single egg

cost so many people –


a woman, who had never loved,

came and told me,

that I was born of a long-legged bird,

who had lost its voice

by looking far away –

and she understood, that she would have to stay with me for a long time –

once every half a year

the shell broke

and something came out –,

and there was a new shell underneath –


happy I lay in her lap

and tried on all colours –

and she sat alone and cried

because one single egg

had to cost so many people –