Gustaf Munch-Petersen: The Lowest Country

priestess –!

I pay tribute to you –


finished your destiny rests –


with giant bolts all the way through the earth –,

unshakeable, like that, which has happened –,

sure as the fall –

one desire

is your life –


you know the great goal –

among toppled bottles

and swine

you teary-eyed pick

the great

the only –

raving you saved

beauty itself

in the world –

priestess –! |


one time

in a senseless night

I loved you

priestess –


all can I do –:

pain enemies

complain –, cheer –

love my own locks –

priestess, to you I can talk –,

you know it –:

that I have not myself chosen my star

that I have never seen my star

that there is only one star

for me,

that the star exists –


you I pay tribute to –!

you do not know mercy –,

you saved me –

priestess –