the only one

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Naked Human

- my beloved is beautiful –

she awakens with her beauty

the lurking tiger of my desire,

and wipes the foam off its mouth

with the hands of her beauty –

- my beloved is strong –

she bathes my wounded limbs

in the strong sea of her laughter

and breathes her hot smiles

on my freezing hands –

- life is my young mistress –


- my beloved –

she is a young mother,

who longingly awaits her child –

my beloved is a whore –

proud of her naked body,

she scorns the poor desire of the world –

she has the cool eyes of a nun,

her smile is the calm of the cloister garden –

- life is my young mistress – |


- I love an amazon –

blood is dripping from the hooves of her horse –

I am her slave,

who in snaring reins follow her furious ride –

I listen with sparkling eyes

to her metal-sharp, defiant yells –

I follow my beloved,

until the sun once goes down,

shamed by the shine

of her cobber-red singing spear –