for my parents

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Naked Human

I did not become what you expected –

I became everything you had feared –

you let me grow up

sustained by your privations.

you raised me with hidden tears –

raised me

to live your life – continue it –

shall I say:

that is how you lived; you did right –

so it must be good to live like that.

shall I?

or shall I kill the hope you have?

tell you, that I did not turn out like you –

that my world is a different one than yours,

my joy,

my pain a different one than yours –

will you believe my thanks to you?

my thanks to life?

or will you say:

he got everything,

he took everything from us,

and gives us nothing in return,

except sorrow and disappointment.

I know, you are right, when you say that.

I think, I am right, when I go to my own country.

but I go hesitantly –

I go slowly and heavily –

but I think, I must go.