old mothers

Gustaf Munch-Petersen: Naked Human

- heavy, large, swaying

with thin, cold coats

the mothers rock into the milk sales,

the food courts,

the clothing shops –

- hasty gazes into oilcloth bags,

glossy bags with many five cents,

two cents,

twentyfive cents –

sighing glances in light wallets –

careful questions:

if there wasn’t something cheaper,

smaller portions, costing less –


- heavy, full of stubborn, gnawing thoughts,

heavy with lifeless life the mothers rock home –

home to wet, stained diapers –

home to long, asking, anxious children-gazes –

large child-eyes –

rooms with cold cooking smoke – with humid, unmade beds –

grey tired eyes are forced towards the alarm clock –

men returning home –

men with hard work-steps –

with strong work-hands –

hard, strong, hungry faces with shy-friendly voices – |


hard, greedy eyes glide away disappointedly

from hanging arms –

from limp, hanging breasts –

the man –

nervous gazes –

for money – for the last thin shreds of friendly words –

for rest – for the bed –

nervous gazes –

(the bed - )

already four children –


heavy, large, gnawing thoughts –

heavy, large, swaying mothers –