There's nobody who has

Edith Södergran: The Land Which Is Not

There's nobody in the world who has time

apart from God alone.

And therefore all the flowers come to Him

and so even the last among the ants.


The forget-me-not asks him for cleaner glass

in its blue eyes

and the ant asks him for greater strength

to grasp the straw.

And the bees ask him for louder victory songs

among red roses.


And God is part of all connections.

When the woman unexpectedly met her cat at the well

and the cat the woman who would feed it.

It was a great joy for both of them,

but greatest was the joy that God had brought them together

and presented them with this wonderful friendship

for fourteen years.


Once in a while a redbreast flew up from the rowan tree by the well,

happy that God had shielded it from the claws of the hunter.

But a small worm saw in a dark dream

that the moon’s sickle cut its being into two halves:

one was nothing,

the other was everything and God himself.