The hyacinth

Edith Södergran: The Shadow of the Future


I stand so bold, excited and happy.

Shall the snowballs of fate cover me up?

May the snow run in my brown hair,

may the snow cool my loving neck.

I lift my head. I have my secret, What is it that controls me?

I am whole, a hyacinth which cannot die.

I am a Spring flower with fine bells

rising full of the careless triumph of the Earth:

to live splendidly and safely,




I shoot up like a hyacinth of iron-hard Earth.

Break me, Life, with your mighty, juicy hands.

I kiss your hand which is juicier than I.

Break me as a jewel for a queen.

Is there a careless and unworried queen,

then let her hold the hyacinth like a scepter in her hand,

the fragile symbol of Spring, related to the sun.