Edith Södergran: The Shadow of the Future

It is dangerous to wish when you’re the mighty,

therefore my wishes stand still.

- - - - - - - -

beware, the past dreams,

beware, we hold the closed bowl of tomorrow in the hand,

beware, the purest of everything pure,

beware, blissfulness which lifts the hammer to destroy,

beware, blissfulness which sleeps in the chest of tomorrow.


Pleasure which becomes pain,

blissfulness you only see with tears in your eyes and die.

With tears in the corners of my eyes I pronounce the words of blissfulness over the cursed world.

Why cursed? Because you can’t hear the voice of blissfulness,

because you sleep like a fetus in the mother’s womb.


Blissfulness touched this brow which calls itself immortal,

through my lips streams the warmth of a god,

all my atoms are separated and burning…