Resurrection mystery

Edith Södergran: The Shadow of the Future

The heavenly angels sing down to the Earth: rip the curtain of death to pieces, rip it down!


A woman lies in the black room of sorrow.

Large candles burn around her stretcher.

On her face glows a longing for life

as if her hands would fold in prayer.

It is silent, only the night walks around with careful steps.

Suddenly a red fire flames up over the dead: what is it?

It is silent in the room.

Angels sing: black walls, crumble!

Let the coffin stand pardoned in the blue heavenly light.


The coffin stands in the space of eternity.

Angels sing: you, God’s child, the Lord calls for you.

It is silent, never shall sorrow abandon this dwelling.

But the dead hears the call:

Yes, Lord, I come – sounds her voice like an echo through all the heavens.