The longing of the colours

Edith Södergran: Poems

For the sake of my own paleness I love red, blue and yellow,

the great whiteness is sorrowful like the snowy twilight

when Snow White’s mother sat by the window and wished for black and red as well.

The longing of the colours is that of the blood. If you thirst for beauty

you must close your eyes and look into your own heart.

But beauty fears the day and too many stares,

but beauty cannot bear noise and too much commotion –

you shall not lead your heart to your lips,

we should not disturb the grand realm of silence and loneliness, -

what is greater to meet than an unsolved riddle with strange features?

Silent shall I be all my life,

a speaker is like the babbling brook that gives itself away;

a lonesome tree shall I be on the plain,

the tree in the forest perishes with longing for storm,

I shall be healthy from head to heel with golden stripes in the blood,

I shall be pure and innocent like a flower licking its lips.