The incantation

Edith Södergran: The Rose Altar

How shall I speak to you from the depths of my heart?

How do the gods cover their words, irresistibly and lightly,

how shall I speak, so human weakness doesn’t fell my words?

I will speak, so I open up all of my chest for you,

so my will grabs you with hard pincers

such as pain, fear, sickness, love…

My will was that you were weakened by my will.

My will was that you’d tear apart your heart,

that the demons would inhabit your limbs,

wild, inhuman, tear asunder all life.


with all of my seriousness I will look you deeply in the eyes,

my whole being I will include in my stare.

Demons, awaited with longing: do I conjure you up with my own power?

Mercilessly I throw out my golden bait for you.

In thick streams runs unstoppably my blood.

Will you come to me once, you vampires of the depths?