Where do the gods live?

Edith Södergran: The Rose Altar

Where do the gods live? In my heart,

in my worn-out, tenderly intoxicated heart,

when the song rises.


Oh gods, what is a human capable of in its few moments!

I have felt all of your power…


Gods, come to me…

and I lie tired and dream of you…

Oh gods, visit me every day

when I am full of power,

when my blood has gathered in order to listen to you,

whisper words in my ears,

everlasting words like the diamonds on your toes.

Oh gods, gods!

In all of my weakness I find mighty words –

words for you!

Is the world not incredible –

for you touched the things with enchanting hands?


Nobody has yet seen the world.

You keep it hidden behind the curtain.

- - - - - - - -

A beam of light fell on my poor way.