About ScandiPoetry

ScandiPoetry is the solo project of Danish writer K-M Skalkenæs.

This site features my translations of the two Scandinavian poets Edith Södergran and Gustaf Munch-Petersen.

Everything on and relating to the site (minus a few icons) is made by me - from the translations over the copywriting, graphics and icons - and ultimately the code from which the site is made.

The translations originally took place back in late 2012 / early 2013. The impetus for making them was of a highly personal nature. I simply felt able to relate quite strongly to their words, and was sorry that their work wasn't widely known outside of their native countries. So I took it upon myself to translate it into English for the whole world to enjoy.

Originally I posted my translations in PDF format on my old poetry blog Fjordscene Poetry for lack of better options. I became surprised by the number of people who not only managed to find the files, but also read them in their entirety, and even wrote to me with questions and suggestions. I am very grateful to you all. Thanks to this, I became convinced of the need to find a better venue for publishing the texts.

In 2014 I took up web development again (the second time around) and I decided to make a website from scratch to feature the translations. However, it took a full year from the making of that decision until the actual planning phase started, and half a year from then until the site was finished. That was because it was of paramount importance to me to do proper justice to the poems. I spent a lot of time planning, designing and coding the site before it became live - especially the navigation proved tricky - and no less amount of effort would have been acceptable from my perspective.

I strove, while translating, to be true to the eccentricities of the two poets' writing styles and do full justice to their pictorial affluence. I believe I may have been succesful. I hope I have. But obviously, nothing will ever beat the originals, and that is simply a fact of life.